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RuneScape Gower Quest Details

08  May  2018
Today we will share the details about RuneSape Gower Quest as many as possible, such as the requirements, useful tips as well as rewards etc. At the same time, you can always buy cheap RuneScape gold from us.

General information for Gower Quest 
The standalone F2P quest Gower Quest has no skill requirements but a 24 quest point requirement. The quest asks you to make a cabbagespeak amulet to find out what the cabbages want, since the brothers living as cabbagemancers on the Gower farm at the south of Varrock fails to grow cabbages in their cabbage patches. 

Some tips to be noted 
1.When finding the first fragment, you have to find all four problems first, then start ask questions in the main room of Romeo, guthix etc. Otherwise, the dialogue cannot be unlocked. 
2.After talking to Romeo, you can find the 5 required people (God Wars Dungeon bosses, Commander Zilyana, K’ril Tsutsaroth, General Graardor, Kree’arra and Nex) to the east of the Spiral Orb.  
3.Please prepare enough food and combat gear for the final battle with level 28 Black Knight Titan. And you have to defeat him for 6 times. 
4.Although the final battle is safe and you will not lose anything upon death, you’d better take the fight seriously in case of fighting over from the beginning again. 

Valuable rewards 
Besides 1 quest point & 15 coins, after completing RuneScape Gower Quest you can also get: 
Brassica Prime godsword two-handed melee weapon override;
Cabbagemancer Outfit override;
Retro Login Teleport spell override;
Crispy the Cabbage follower pet;
Ability to have the old and graphically updated Black Knight Titan swap places;
Ability to reset the quest by searching a crate at the Gower Farm;
2 TH keys and 2 Hearts of Ice;

Hope all of this can be a little bit of help for you. And please remember to buy cheap RuneScape gold here. 

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