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OSRS Galvek Return And Permanent Iron Man Changes

12  Jan  2018
Dragon Slayer II is great Changes. If you want to have another fight with Galvek,The Return of Galvek is good news for you. Your desire can be satisfied and you can Buy Cheap Runescape 2007 Gold from us.

How to Fight with Galvek?
1 Within the Myths' Guild, to the left of the entrance, you will find the Pool of Dreams.
2 Interacting with the Pool of Dreams will give you two new options:"Refight Galvek" option or "Rewatch Cutscenes"
Note: When choosing the "Refight Galvek" option, you will be taken directly to the fight. Any deaths within this version of the fight are considered safe. Should you fail, you will be safely returned to the Myths' Guild free of charge, with all items you had equipped and in your inventory. You can interact with the Dream List next to the Pool of Dreams to track your Galvek kill count and best time.
While choosing “Rewatch Cutscenes”, you can view some epic cutscenes as many times as want.

The way permanent Iron Man works changes
The Old School team has updated the way how permanent Iron Man functions. Start now, the new OSRS accounts will not be given the permanent Iron Man Status on Tutorial Island. If you want to set permanent Iron Man status, you have to reach 1000 total sill level and speak to the Iron Man tutors in Lumbridge. However, this update will not affect existing permanent Iron Men.

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