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Know More Guide About Unspeakable Horror RuneScape for Scare Tactics

13  Mar  2018
Today We will talk about the easy guide with a new update released. And  it's turn to Unspeakable horror RuneScape, which will drop Scare Tactics. Firstly, you need a Witchwood icon and completion of Cabin Fever to access Mos Le’Harmless. Learn new horrors guide and buy RuneScape 2007 gold cheap here.  

What do you need to prepare for Unspeakable horrors?

Your Slayer level must be at least 58, and you need buy a witchwood icon from any Slayer Master to protect yourself from Cave horrors and Unspeakable horrors. Besides, you need a light source like Seer's headband 4 or a bullseye lantern to operate in the cave. Last but not the least, for the horrors are located in the north-eastern part of the Mos Le’Harmless Caves, you must complete the Cabin Fever quest for the access to Mos Le Harmless. 

How can you get to the Mos Le’Harmless Caves?
The easiest way to get there is using the charter ship. Or you can be teleported there with rum (red) or rum (blue) bought from Honest Jimmy's House of Stuff. In addition, if you can repair the bridges between the fairy ring island and the Mos le'Harmless mainland, you can access the caves by the Fairy ring dip. 

What should you notice when fighting against the Unspeakable horror?
Although you can damage the horrors without the Witchwood icon, the icon can negate their special attack which can damage you for 10% of your total health within melee range. Meanwhile please remember the damage cannot be blocked by the Deflect Melee and Protect from Melee prayers.
In addition, if you go into the caves without a light source, you will rapidly be bitten to death by bugs depending on your life points. 
No matter what combat level the monsters are, they are very aggressive. They will become docile after staying in the vicinity of the monsters for 5-10 minutes, which can be reset by running out of the area, then returning. 

Thanks for your Patience,Are you ready to defeat the Unspeakable horrors to get Scare Tactics and other drops? have a doo lucky in game . buy OSRS Gold cheap from RSgoldonline.

The RSgoldonline Team 

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