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Join in Oceans Bounty RuneScape to Gain Items Through Gameplay

03  Jul  2018
One of the seasonal events in 2018 has been released, the brand new Runepass - Ocean’s Bounty RuneScape. During the event you can progress through tiers by completing various challenges and tasks. Meanwhile, you will be able to unlock more rewards after reach higher tiers with RuneScape mobile gold.

Ocean’s Bounty Features
Runepass - Ocean’s Bounty will run from July 2 to July 15, 2018, allowing you to earn items by playing the game.
There are two prize tracks, one is the free path, and there are two tasks available for it, including one repeatable daily task that can be done for 3 starfish each and a one-time weekly task for 25 starfish. The other is the paid one, unlocked by purchasing a Runepass for 400 RuneCoins, which gives access to two news task slots and to the golden track. And the two extra one-time daily tasks can be done for 5 starfish each. Besides, whoever purchases the Runepass can get two prizes immediately, the ocean's warrior head & the legendary Water Lycan pet.

Ocean’s Bounty rewards
Besides the starfish, completing the available tasks can make you progress through tiers - up to 30. And reaching higher tiers can unlock more rewards. For example: The prizes for reaching tier 2 are Ocean's Archer Bow for the free path and Prismatic large fallen star and Large prismatic lamp for the paid one. While reaching tier 18, the prizes are Unstable Alchemy for the free path and 2x Portable skilling pack for the paid one.

1.F2P players cannot benefit from all tier rewards since some of them are members items, neither can Ironmen.
2.Whoever unlocks the paid track for RunePass can skip tiers by buying packs using RuneCoins on the store interface.

All in all, please get RuneScape mobile gold from us and join in Ocean’s Bounty right now.

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