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First Old School RuneScape Mobile Beta End FeedBack

10  Feb  2018
The first closed OSRS Mobile beta has come to an end along with the game update released this week. Right now the Old School team has done a survey on all the testers. Gather feedback from the first group of testers on OSRS Mobile.
With the release of this week’s game update, the first wave of OSRS Mobile closed beta unique to Android users has ended. After that, the team sends a survey for the feedback to all testers via the message Center and email. As we can imagine, they must be gathering various kinds of feedback and will make great progress according to the invaluable suggestions.
Most players seem very satisfied with the playthrough on mobile and think the team has done a great job. For example, a tester has expressed that the game on mobile is very smooth and never has disconnection issue even with his older ZTE. 

Expect next beta even an open beta later
We believe there will be another test in the near future, and the OSRS Mobile will be much better then. When we experience an open beta, we can begin to look forward to its full release.
Please remember that there should be a re-sign up for the future beta ahead of the next round of testing. Those who already have submitted an application have no need to do that again unless their emails or devices have changed.   

Anyway, we just hope the next testing will include persons with other devices, not just Android. And if you need to find a site with Runescape 2007 Gold mobile for sale, RSorder is right here for you.

RSGoldOnline Team

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