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Best Bosses Dagannoth Kings to Kill for OSRS Money Making

08  May  2018
The most powerful Dagannoth - the Dagannoth Kings are a group of three Dagannoths, which are considered one of the best bosses to kill for money in OSRS. We will give you some advice on how to kill them with Cheap OSRS Gold.

General information about the Dagannoth Kings
The Dagannoth Kings can be found to live on the sixth floor (the deepest) in Waterbirth Island Dungeon, and with combat level 303 each of them represents the combat triangle. And they each use a different combat style and are weak against the type that defeat them on the combat triangle while immune to all others.
Dagannoth Rex: This kind of Dagannoth uses Melee attacks while weak to Magic. Their unique drops include Berserker ring and Warrior ring.
Dagannoth Prime: They use Magical attacks while weak to Ranged attacks. The unique drops include Seers ring and Mud battlestaff.
Dagannoth Supreme: The Dagannoth King attacks with Ranged while weak to Melee. Unique loots include Archers' ring and Seercull.

A few useful tips on each type of Dagannoth King
Dagannoth Rex: They are easy to deal with, for they can be either binded or lured to the edges of the islet where they will get stuck easily. And You can use Ice Barrage to freeze them.
Dagannoth Prime: Please keep Protect from Magic on at all costs whenever the Prime is attacking, for it can hit up to 60-70 damage and easily kill you in two hits. However, you can use dwarf multicannons to kill it very quickly.
Dagannoth Supreme: Please note that his attacks can hit several players if they are facing his direction.

What is more, their bones fetch a very good price on the market, not to mention their relatively often drops. Why not prepare enough cheap RuneScape 2007 gold and begin to fight them with the above information? The Best Bosses Dagannoth Kings to Kill for OSRS Money Making.

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