Welcome to RSgoldonline.com


1. How do I buy Runescape gold?

Just choose how much Runescape 2007 Gold/RS 3 Gold do you want to buy and pay for it using your PayPal account. Please keep in mind that you must be the owner of the PayPal account and the credit card that you have used for your purchase. Once your payment has been processed we will send you a confirmation email. Then simply go to our 24/7 Live Chat Help who will guide you through until the completion of your order.

2 How fast do you deliver gold?

Once the payment has cleared, we deliver instantly! We will provide you with a location, world, and Runescape name to trade. We guarantee that the whole delivery process will be done in 10 minutes after your order is confirmed. We offer 24/7 service.

3  How do I get my gold?

After your payment gets processed, you need to contact our Live Support. You will be told a world name and a place where you can pick up your gold. Then, you will meet our trader in-game personally and trade him. Please Note that. Someone pretends to be the staff of RSgoldonline and asks you to return the RS gold you already got due to invalid orders or system upgrade or any other reasons. Keep in mind that RSgoldonline Never won't ask for the gold back for any reason!

4. What are chances that I will get banned?

The possibility of getting banned is very small and it happens on very rare occasions. In fact, throughout our practice there has not been a single case when our buyer got banned for buying gold from us! However, if in an unfortunate situation it did happen, we would not take responsibility for Jagex decisions.

5 What payment methods do you accept?

We provide Old School Runescape Gold, Runescape 3 Gold, and Seasonal Deadman mode Gold exchanges with the most safe and popular payment PayPal.

6 Why do larger PayPal Transactions Require Verification?

Unfortunately hacked PayPal accounts can be bought online for $1. To avoid fraudulent payments we may require Photo ID to verify that the payment Is authorized by the owner of the PayPal account. All your details will be kept safely and will only be disclosed in a case of fraud. Please note that we use this process for first time buyers only.

7 What Happens to my ID after I pass verification?

Your ID is stored in our records for the duration of the disputable time period in accordance with PayPal's policy. We reserve the right to use any ID to incriminate any individual involved in fraudulent claims against RSgoldonline. We also reserve the right to take any official legal action where we see fit.

8 What is The minimum order amount on RSgoldonline?

The minimum amount of gold your buying is usually 10M. We can not accept order amount under 2M.